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Luzerne County 9-1-1 - Countywide EMS No Crew Policy

The Pennsylvania  Department of Health approved the Luzerne County Countywide EMS Response Plan submitted August 2016, which effectuated a change to the No Crew Policy originally established, and is effective October 1, 2016. The Countywide EMS Response plan now has a Delayed Response / No Crew Policy and status for EMS Agencies.

Luzerne County Delayed Response / No Crew Policy

Delayed Response

A Delayed Response is given to a unit(s) that have not gone enroute before the toning sequence ends at the six (6) minute mark. This status is strictly an in-house Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system command given to a unit, which allows for the dispatchers to see who the next due unit will be, if needed, for any additional response. A report of all units that move to Delayed Response status are issued to EMS of NEPA for their records. Any unit that is placed into Delayed Response is not prohibited to respond to a call and may go enroute after placed into this status.

No Crew

A "No Crew" is issued to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies within Luzerne County that have reported their licensed ALS (Advanced Life Support) or BLS (Basic Life Support) units as "Available for Dispatch" to emergency calls, but then one of the following occurs:

  • Unit has been toned two (2) times, three (3) minutes apart for a total of six (6) minutes and after being moved into "Delayed Response", the unit then does not go enroute to the call before another agency has arrived on scene which finishes assessment of the patient and the patient has either been transported, signs off on medical treatment or no contact has been made with the patient.      


  • The unit has been toned at least one (1) time, and then either notifies the 9-1-1 facility that they will be unavailable for this call or will not have adequate staffing to crew for the call, and go to the next due unit.

Understanding This Report

This report is NOT a "missed calls" report. The No Crew report simply reports every agency that is in an available for dispatch status, has been toned out for a call and subsequently does not respond.

If a department has an Ambulance 1 (A1) and an Ambulance 2 (A2), you do not combine both No Crew totals as a grand total of "missed calls". For Example: if 594A1 has 20 No Crews, and 594A2 has 23 No Crews that is NOT  a total of 43 missed calls. If there is a medical call and we tone out a department who has reported 2 EMS units available and neither unit (A1 or A2) gets out for that call after being placed into Delayed Response, it is a "No Crew" for A1 and a "No Crew" for A2, even though this is the same call they were dispatched to.

The report does not compare how many calls are made versus a No Crew. PA EMS Act 37 of 2009 states that an agency must be available 24/7/365 or be part of a broader Countywide plan.

No Crews are now reported for any mutual aid calls. Fire department responses such as "Commercial Fire Alarms" and "Wires Down" do not count as a No Crew. For the purposes of these reports, only EMS related calls for service are included.

A unit that is placed into a "No Crew" status is not automatically placed back in service. A unit can only be placed as available for dispatch after the EMS agency notifies the 9-1-1 Supervisor they are available. Once the 9-1-1 facility is notified, the agency/unit will be placed back in service.

If a company's first available unit makes it out for a call, but they receive a 2nd call for response and the second available unit is reported by the agency as available and moves from a Delayed Response to a "No Crew", then ONLY the 2nd unit gets a "No Crew"; the first unit will stay in service once their call is completed, as they fulfilled their first call.

Following Up With Agencies

With the implementation of the Countywide EMS Plan, EMS of NEPA, Luzerne County 9-1-1 and the Committee formed to formulate the Countywide EMS Response Plan, will analyze the results of the No Crew Report quarterly, beginning January 2017. A separate report will be sent to Municipalities whose 1st due unit is failing to meet the requirements of the Countywide EMS Response Plan.

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