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Luzerne County 9-1-1 No Crew Policy

A "No-Crew" is issued to any EMS (Emergency Medical Service) agency within Luzerne County, that has reported any of their licensed ALS (Advanced Life Support) or BLS (Basic Life Support) units in service to the 9-1-1 center as available for dispatch to emergency calls, but then one of the following occurs:

  • Unit(s) has been toned three (3) times, three (3) minutes apart for a total of nine (9) minutes and did not go enroute to the call. A No Crew is still reported even if the unit goes enroute after the nine (9) minute mark as they did not make their allotted time frame to respond.

  • Unit has been toned at least once (1) time, and then has either radioed or telephoned the 9-1-1 Supervisors line that they will not be available for this call or will not have adequate staffing to complete a crew, and to go to the next due agency.

Copies of the No Crew Report - Direct Recipients:

As a recommendation to Luzerne County 9-1-1 in response to the Luzerne County Council's 9-1-1 Inquiry Committee, which published its findings in April of 2015, the No Crew Report results are to be sent to 3 recipients:

  1. Emergency Medical Services of Northeastern Pennsylvania (EMS of NEPA). They are the governing body of all Luzerne County EMS services. They receive the entire report for all agencies for the reporting period.

  2. The specific Agency / Organization that had violated the No Crew policy. They receive a report if they are in the top ten (10) highest records of No Crews for the reporting period.

  3. The primary Municipal Officials where the offending unit covers as a 1st due unit. This includes their 1st due territories only, not 2nd due areas. They receive a report if their primary agency is in the top ten (10) highest records of No Crews for the reporting period.

Understanding the Report and Other Information
  • If a department has an Ambulance 1 (A1) and an Ambulance 2 (A2), you do not combine both No Crew totals as a grand total of "missed calls". For Example: if 594A1 has 20 No Crews, and 594A2 has 23 No Crews, that is NOT a total of 43 missed calls. If there is a medical call and we tone out a department who has listed 2 EMS units available and neither unit gets out for that call after nine (9) minutes, it is a No Crew for A1 and a No Crew for A2, even though this is the same call they were dispatched to.

  • The report does not compare how many calls are made vs. how many received a No Crew, because the root issue is they must be available 24/7/365. If a unit made 2,000 calls but missed 24, they still violated the EMS act by missing 24 calls. This is why the report focuses only on the violations of the Act.

  • Individual units each get a No Crew because they are individually licensed.

  • According to the EMS Act 37 of 2014, all units must be available 24/7/365. Even one (1) No Crew is a violation of the Act. If they are not available, they are to call the 9-1-1 Supervisors line and place themselves Unavailable for Dispatch (UAD) until they have adequate staffing levels. This allows the 9-1-1 center to dispatch the next due units without delay.

  • No Crews are not given to units if they failed in their non-primary territories. (Units going to an area as 2nd due) However the State Department of Health officials have confirmed that all "Calls for Service" should be included. This is being considered for future enforcement.

  • No Crews are not given to Fire based calls where they did not crew. As mention previously, the State Department of Health officials have confirmed that all "Calls for Service" should be included. In the future, all calls for service may be included in the No Crew Report. this will include Structure Fires, Motor Vehicle Accidents and other calls where Fire apparatus are summoned along with EMS units.

  • Units that have been placed into No Crew status are marked back available again at 5:00 AM and 5:00 PM each day. A change to this is policy currently being considered.

  • If a company's first available unit makes it out for a call, but they receive a 2nd call in their primary territory and the second available unit is reported as available and does not get out after nine (9) minutes, then ONLY the 2nd unit gets a No Crew; the first unit will stay in service once their call is completed as they fulfilled their first call. This explains why there may be different totals for an A1 and an A2, specific to an agency with two or more units.

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